About Kirsten

In Kirsten's former years she completed a degree in painting and drawing from the University of Wisconsin. She has completed numerous dog training and behavior courses (CPDT) and worked in the field for many years. She has experience as a dog musher in Alaska, and from there built up her own dog training business in Colorado.

Kirsten has been working in the field of energetic healing and intuitive guidance as a Qigong Practitioner for many years. 

She also helps her husband with making our planet a healthier place through forest fire mitigation. They started by forest fire mitigation and appropriate tree thinning on their own property 5 years ago.  When you see their property you can feel how we are all one, and breathe together as one. The amount of bird life they have attracted is amazing to witness.  Their love for nature truly shows right in their own back yard.

Kirsten has 3 beautiful dogs and they are all so different. Not just in size, but in the beings that they are. She really gets their unique personalities and quirks and accepts them truly for who they are. 

Kirsten has a keen sense for adventure in the outdoors. From hiking in the mountains, paddle boarding, snow shoeing, trail running, and in her former years skijoring in Alaska.  You'll find her dragging friends and family along on these adventures.

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Located in Durango, Colorado, 81301 USA