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If you feel like something is missing in your relationship with your dog, horse, or cat. Or maybe training is not going the way you thought it would. Or you are concerned about your animals wellbeing, then booking a session with Kirsten will help give you some insight to those questions. She can connect you to a beloved animal that passed away.

How does an animal communication session work?

Kirsten will connect with the animal asking for permission to communicate first. She will share with you any information received. 

Once the animal has shared what it felt like sharing, she will then ask any questions you might still have and relay the information as received over to you.

For a lot of people animal communication seems a bit far fetched.  But if you think about it, animals just come in a different shaped box then humans.  The process is the same as connecting with a human loved one. 

If you have experienced messages from a family member or friend in a dream, or in that fleeting moment where you felt something you just knew was a person from your past, then you know how animal communication can work.

I'm sure you have heard before that we are all energy.  If you can imagine that we are capable of communicating in other ways that don't include the 5 senses.  We use our intuition and internal guidance system more than our 5 senses, we often aren't aware of it.  When you grasp this, you will realize animal communication isn't that magical.  

In fact, Kirsten can teach you how to do it yourself through remote private sessions. The hardest part in this work is turning off your logical brain and ego and allowing another way of information to flow.

If you want to learn how to do this work, state that you want to learn how in the contact form.

Communication is a two way street though, and the animal gets a choice in the decision to comunicate.  Kirsten won't charge you if the animal isn't available. 

Rates 2022

Animal Communication Session $99 

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