Animal Communication

Intuition is a skill and not a talent. It is information we receive so quickly it bypasses our logical brain. Our own ability to hear and listen to our intuition has to do with our self-esteem.  Not the self-esteem of feeling good enough, but rather doing personal work around not abandoning ourselves from boundaries and dysregulation.  Intuition is the result of being true to our deepest selves.  It is in this place that we can trust and psychically connect with animals.  (FYI - Kirsten refers to a trusted teacher for help with her own animals.  It's not good to self-diagnose.)  If you need help with connecting with your animal Kirsten can do remote sessions or one on one sessions in person. (It's almost all been remote lately).

Our animals are a reflection of our own well being.  They often show us where we are holding trauma through their trauma or disconnect. You might have recently adopted an animal that is struggling to adjust to be part of a family in the same way you attach (or don't) to your own family.  Sometimes it's an animal that triggers our frustration or anger when we didn't remember being so easily frustrated.

On the other hand, you may have recently seen behavior changes that are concerning and getting no answers from your Vet.

These sessions by no means replace the opinion of your veterinarian, but can be of great help as a guide to understanding your animal while also giving your animal the opportunity to express him or herself. 

Kirsten has been working with animals for years. She was riding horses by the time she was 6 years old, and teaching pony club after high school. Her professional experience started as a Vet Nurse at an Emergency Vet practice in Alaska.  It was in Alaska where she also mushed and cared for well known dog mushers dogs. She then moved on to a dog training and behavior business.  Kirsten made a great success out of working with people and helping them with their dogs; problem solving unwanted and misunderstood behaviors. 

In Colorado she shifted over very naturally from dog trainer to animal communicator as it became apparent that dog training was lacking depth and understanding where animal communication gave that perspective into the animal's over all well being that was needed. 

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Being owned by sleddogs, a busy papillon, and guardy Akbash, Kirsten is well aware of the limitations we as humans often want to impose on our animals. And how hard it can be to truly understand them for the whole beings that they are.

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