Soul Paintings

I completed my BFA degree in 2000.  Almost 15 years after I started.  While I found true joy in painting I was fighting the messages around me that told me art wasn't a viable career option.  What are you going to do with THAT degree? The starving artist archetype.  The disorganized and messy artist who is always late or can never hold down a real job.  

Although none of these descriptors fit me I went ahead and believed them and got a biochemistry degree too.  Years later I understood that I was a person who holds many interests.  I am forever curious and I would never be satisfied in one field.  Of course I have been pulled one way or another for long periods of time, but I'm envious of people like my husband who have an undying passion in one field. 

I quit social media in 2020.

I found myself sitting in the chair in the living room...bored.  Disconnected from things I disliked (comment sections anyone?), but also things I liked such as emerging artists and friend updates.

In case you are wondering, yes...I tried deleting apps and turning off notifications and all the suggested ways to tone down the distraction, but it wasn't helping.  I didn't think I was as emotionally blackmailed as I was until I deleted it all.  My anxiety level dropped by 80%.  I now take pictures when I feel like it instead of for posting to media, and a lot of times I don't bring my phone with me.

Sidenote...I also stopped wearing tracking watches.  Now I love data and tracking (mileage, distance, steps, trail gps), but I realized that was all taking a toll on me and I wasn't enjoying where I was hiking as much as I was tracking it all.

I do watch some youtube videos and if I'm not careful I can get caught up in the "youtube shorts", but for the most part I stay aware of the amount of time I'm not present.

So that's how the artist in me got rebooted.  I was sitting in my chair bored.  And I realized I hadn't been bored in a very very long time and it was so weird to feel that. It felt weird to not grab a screen to fill the space.  

My art comes from that magical place where we are truly free to express ourselves.  I hope you are inspired by them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

As what affects one affects the whole." - Caroline Myss

All paintings are acrylic on canvas paper.  Usually 11x14 inches or smaller and spray fixed for a long life.

Paintings can ship anywhere in the world.  They are sold without a frame to keep shipping affordable.  

Stickers coming soon. 


Click on the gallery link above to see samples of paintings.  Fill out the contact page for more styles or questions.  At this time I do not take custom requests.

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