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Kirsten's Newsletter, Issue #002 -- Reactive Dog
August 21, 2022

I'm adding dog training BACK INTO my business.

My heart has always been for the difficult dogs and their humans. The dogs that get left at home because taking them out is stressful. The fear of dirty looks or comments.

Or unsolicited advice.

Especially in today's divisive cancel culture where no one is allowed to have a bad day, and people and dogs have to be perfect at all times.

I'm here for you, and your dog.

After much soul searching and unlearning (2020 anyone) I have decided to put specialized dog training back onto my calendar.

You can read all about that here...


For now I'm not planning on going back to social media so I won't ask you to follow me anywhere.

I know it's old school, but if you like my stuff, tell a friend.

Thank You,


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