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Kirsten's Newsletter, Issue #001 -- What's Your Purpose
December 02, 2021

Are you living your purpose?

If you listen to the gurus they'll tell you that you were made for something great. That you should be changing lives and making millions doing it. How many classes get sold with this kind of tag line? Have you bought into any of those? Because I have. At low and questionable times in my life I have thought I am not enough and I am not where I should be in life.

That ego is a beast sometimes isn't it?!

It is true that at some point in our lives we question our path. Sometimes we have so much time and education invested in our career that we feel we are locked in, and there might be some truth to that.

I want you to understand something. Your career is probably not your purpose. Even if you do something you love like I do now.

I know you probably imagine that I'm sitting in a pristine yoga style room surrounded by crystals and salt lamps wearing all white (maybe not the white, I can't ever keep white clean). While sometimes that is true, most of the time I'm trying to figure out how get to the internet to work or trying to figure out why my phone keeps dropping calls (mountain living ya know). Or wondering why I'm still angry at something someone said last week.

Back to your purpose. Your purpose is in all the little things you do. You have no idea how powerful you are in all the little things you do. When you smile at someone even if for a fleeting moment or when you help someone find a set of lost keys or hold a door. These things are your purpose. You can literally change the course of someones life with a tiny act of grace.

Don't overlook these little things. Don't get caught up in the ego telling you that you need more to be "successful". Heaven doesn't care how many lives you changed. Only that you carried grace into everything you do.

In Love,


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