Professional Mentoring with Kirsten

Kirsten has been a mentor to students around the globe as far as South Africa to both professionals in the field as well as people working on their personal self development.

What makes Kirsten such a great teacher is not only her knowledge and professionalism, but that she is able to use her own experiences in helping others move into their highest potential.   Kirsten has a great sense of humor and can see the light and joy even in hard times.

Soul work is hard at times and not everyone is up for the task. It is chipping away at all our BS and even causing chaos so that we are able to better serve others while not abandoning ourselves. It will get messy, but it will bring change.

Kirsten is phenomenal in serving others, but knows how to maintain her "Chi" while doing so (she will teach you this skill).  So often people help others, but they do it from a place of trauma which causes all sorts of insidious problems. Kirsten can help you be there for others without giving your own power away.

If you feel that you are hemorrhaging your energy, or that you lack self confidence in trusting your intuition I would suggest clicking on the link below to learn about mentoring with Kirsten.  

Monthly Mentoring

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