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Qigong is a powerful and sacred ancient healing modality that is passed down from teacher to student.  These practices are often secret family traditions passed down through generations and through invitation only.  This is not something the West is used to, so if it feels odd to not see certificates and regulation...welcome to the world of Qigong.

The Qigong Kirsten practices is known as an external form of Qigong from the Sacred Dragon School.  Kirsten works with you and your Qi while you sit comfortably in a chair.  You do not need any Qigong experience for this style of practice.

You are probably familiar with the style of Qigong where you cultivate and work with your own Qi through a series of movements and breath.  Sacred Dragon School Qigong is a metaphysical form where Qi is cultivated  and guided by intuiton and breath.  It can involve spirit beings showing up to help guide the Qi and healing.  

SIDEBAR:  There are literally 1000's of ways of Qigong and energy work.  The Middle Way is the one that meets you where you are.  Your journey of healing will be as varied and dynamic as you are.  Healing methods and practices will change throughout your life because you will change.  Qigong is both an art and a science. Each practitioner will add their essence to their practice creating a unique Qigong experience. 

Kirsten has a calm way of making you feel at ease while meeting you where you are in your spiritual discovery.  She is the river that gently guides your boat, but you are still the captain. Kirsten guides you to empower yourself. 

You can prepare for your session by stopping caffeine 4 hours before your appointment.  Wear comfortable clothing.  You will be taking off your shoes or boots before you enter the DoJo.  If you have any medical issues that require special care please let Kirsten know ahead of time.  Bring a bottle of water and make sure you eat before the session.  If you are familiar with breath-work, meditation, or prayer spend 5 minutes doing that before coming into the session.  If not, you will learn some techniques at your session.

Qigong sessions can be very intense.  Plan on spending a few minutes reflecting after your session.  You might not want to schedule anything difficult right after your session.  

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