Are Psychics Real?

Curious about the world of psychics?  Are they real?  How does it work?  Can they tell the future? Talk to the dead? Thinking about getting a reading, but you were born a skeptic?

I'm with you.  Before I started this journey into mysticism I thought this was all bogus.  My definition of a psychic was what Hollywood and Television showed in movies.  Some crazy wearing long robes looking into a crystal ball behind a curtain.  Seances. Spells. Channeling a spirit in some weird voice.

Carl Jung says psyche is the total of the conscious and subconscious mind. Psychology is the study of the brain.  Psychic is relating to the soul or mind.  I feel a more modern term is intuition.  Intuition is the ability to know something without conscious reasoning.  We all have intuition, but like any skill some people are gifted at it and they know things and they don't question why they know it.  

Are there fakes out there?  Yes of course.  All fields have some people with personal agendas that can cause harm. I don't believe most psychics intend harm. In this field, what is more concerning than the Hollywood style fake, is the wounded healer.  This is a person that potentially has gifted knowing, but puts their personal agenda into the "reading" (what a psychic calls what they do when they "get" information).  The wounded healer needs to work with a mentor to help them sort through this issue.

It doesn't take a psychic to tell your how your future will end up if you stay on the same path you're on.  If you're an alcoholic, cheating on a spouse, cheating at your job, or you don't pay your all ends the ends up really messy.  In the whole scheme of things the future doesn't really matter.  A wounded healer might tell an alcoholic they are going to die and they might add a time frame of a year (well, honestly, no kidding), drinking and driving, cirrhosis of the liver, these things have consequences and the time frame doesn't change the consequences.

The lottery question.  Why don't psychics win the lottery? I don't know, but I will tell you that the money question is always a big one.  Which brings me to manifestation.  Another red flag for me is when a psychic says you aren't manifesting enough.  If you've seen movies like The Secret that teach how to get what you want through vision boarding, matching vibrations, or gratitude journals it's almost as bad as a fake psychic.  I'm not against any of these things if they help you envision your journey, but you also have to put in real effort.  

Let's talk about vibration.  It doesn't take a psychic to tell you that a heroin addict will match the vibration of heroin addicts, which is not going to bode well for their future.  Telling them they need to raise their vibration to get out their situation is not at all helpful.  I'm using an extreme example of addiction here because I think this kind of vibration talk completely ignores the fact that trauma is a big reason people numb through addiction.  When someone gets help with trauma then we can talk about vibration. 

As long as we are talking about vibration, let's talk about energy.  If you go out to eat and you can't describe what bugs you about the table next to you...that's energy.  Something inside you says, it feels icky here.  Or maybe the opposite is true and you end up talking with the people at the other table all night.  You make a connection and you can't explain it, but it feels right.  You might find yourself saying they had such great energy!  A psychic can point out what it was about that energy that made you feel good or bad.

Is intuition ever wrong?  Like what if it feels right, but ends up terrible?  This is because trauma creates unhealthy patterns in you that feel normal, but are far from healthy. A psychic might guide you towards healing that pattern because these unhealthy patterns block intuition.  So what you are interpreting as intuition might be an unhealthy pattern.

What about crystals and rocks and oils?  If you connect with it use it.  Some of these things are really powerful and every psychic has their own tool box.  Sacred alters have been used since the dawn of time.  Smudging, prayers, dream catchers, feathers, or pictures can all be part of a tool box. You probably carry something around in your wallet like a picture of a loved one that has passed, or maybe you keep a memento in your pocket as a reminder of a person or experience.  It's the same idea. 

The world of mystics and mysticism are in every culture.  Shamans are the moral compass and doctor of the tribe. Mystics are in most religions.  Mystics journey (mysticism) into the unknown in search of deeper connection with Spirit, Earth, and God.  They may have had an initiation through a traumatic event or with a healer that instantly healed a traumatic event for them. 

Psychics area healers.  Their job is to help guide you on your journey towards Spirit. 

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