Animal Communicator for Cats

Is your cat acting weird?  Feeling ill?  Eating weird stuff?  Sleeping more than normal?  Vet can't figure out what's going on?  Let me help.  Cats are sacred creature.  They aren't just call Queens to fit in with today's lingo. They have been given the role of spiritual messenger.  Cats remind us that staying curious, playful, and independent is the spice of life. 

When our cats get sick or lose a best friend (animal or human) there's often a bigger message.  One that says we need to slow down and pay attention to the path our life is on.  Cats are actually very social and sometimes their independence makes it appear otherwise.  Cats bounce in and out of our human world very easily.  They are aware of the different dimensions and slide between them with ease.  These little beings carry the burden of being beloved by humans and discarded by humans.  Often cats are spirits that wander between dimensions carrying the messages of the times.  If you are lucky enough to be owned by a cat, take heed, you may being housing an angel in disguise.

If you are wondering what's going on with a cat in your life fill out the contact form and lets get you some answers.

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