by Amanda
(Belmont, NC)

I first met Kirsten many years ago when she was a dog trainer in Jacksonville, NC when she helped me with my Golden/Lab mix Magnolia. I honestly believe that one reason she was so good with Mags is that she was able to communicate with what she needed/wanted then let me know. She also helped me with my next two rescues - Okra and Gumball (chihuahua seniors).

Kirsten and I have have maintained a strong friendship over the years. Kirsten, Jon (her husband), and dogs helped me through the first few months of my divorce with a kindness and gentleness that cannot be described or ever repaid.

I have learned though that Kirsten is so much more than just a "dog trainer". She really has the ability to guide and heal ones soul.

An example of this is when I went to get my Chakras cleared in Charlotte, NC. When that Guide greeted me on that Saturday morning, the Guide who was going to be clearing my Chakras, whom I had never met before, seemed a little distracted at first (looking back on it). She left me alone in the room, then came back and said, "Look, I don't normally do this during a Chakra session but I am getting some really strong energy and communication."

She then asked me a series of questions about if my mom was dead or alive (dead), if I had a sibling (I have a deceased brother), etc. Then she shocked me by saying "You have a sister. She died at birth, and she has a different father from you." I sat there stunned. Not sure if I believed this stranger.

Later that night, once this news had sunk in, I called Kirsten and flat out said: "Look, I had this energy healing session today and the Guide told me something I'm not sure I am 100% on board with." Kirsten immediately said, "That you have a sister?" Needless to say I was on the floor shocked. Not that Kirsten was able to communicate with the spirits but the news that I had a sister I'd never known about, that Kirsten immediately picked up this energy via phone, and that two Guides had broken this news to me in an 8 hour time frame.

Since that time my sister continues to "pester" Kirsten every now and then to talk to me, and Kirsten sometimes lets her come play, but is good at keeping this over excited sibling (Who is just glad to finally be heard. My brother sits quietly "not ready yet to tell his story" according to Kirsten. Though I'm patiently waiting for him to reach out to talk.)

Kirsten has been a kind and gentle soul from day one, has helped heal my soul not only when we have informal "sessions" but in knowing that she has this direct line to my ancestors and can tell me what they wish they could have told me themselves gives me a peace I cannot describe. And her ability to read the energy of the people that I surround myself with and animals is truly amazing.

It is also important I think that you understand that Kirsten has a strong support system behind her in her husband Jon, who is also a kind and gentle soul. (I know I keep describing them that way, but there is no other way to really describe them. And I don't use those two words lightly or often to describe people.) When you are a Guide and Healer you need to be able to decompress, laugh, and love. Jon gives her that, and because he does that she is able to help heal all of us. They truly support each other in all that they do.

As you can see I highly recommend Kirsten and her skills as a Guide, Healer, and Communicator for yourself or your animals. Also, if you need a dog trainer she is your Girl Friday.

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