Dog Training or Dog Psychic?

As a retired certified dog trainer (CPDT-KA) I had to unlearn a lot of things on my journey to becoming a dog psychic (animal communicator).  

What did I have to unlearn? For one, to stop reading body language which is why I mostly do my dog psychic readings with a picture only. 

Reading dog body language is super important in dog training, but it isn't important in the dog psychic world.  Reading body language when you are actually trying to read the energy around the dog is like trying to count a jar full of M&Ms while someone is yelling out random numbers next to you.

When I do a reading on a dog, cat, horse (or other beings) I tune into their energy, but not the body energy of a playful puppy or horse running around the paddock.  While that type of energy is important in the physical world it does not carry with it the energy of the spirit world.  

Have you heard the saying that dogs live in the present moment?  In other words they don't live in the past. I disagree.  From a training standpoint dogs can be conditioned to like or fear something.  Being conditioned is the opposite of being in the moment. It's having a reaction to something based on previous information and experiences.  So a dog that is acting fearful is giving off behavioral information, but that's not the information a dog psychic is looking for. 

If I'm reading a dog and they are giving off fearful behaviors I am looking for the underlying cause which may or may not be happening in the moment.  That means I need more information than searching for current environmental triggers. 

I want to communicate with the animal energetically to see what is going on. Oftentimes it's not entirely related to the current moment. 

Animals dysregulate just like people do. They can behave in ways that aren't equal to the current environment.   And just like people when they are triggered they respond from the past instead of the present moment.  Sometimes that past is from another lifetime.  Energetic readings will give a lot more information into this than body language.

If you are a dog training learning theory geek like me you'll have to set aside some of your intellectual musings and listen to all this with your heart instead.  This is an unlearning.

As a dog trainer I would look for environmental triggers and work through a conditioning protocol to change the emotional response of the dog to the situation.  This system works, but it definitely has it's limits.  Animals are not simply conditioned beings.  They have feelings and emotions unrelated to the current happenings around them. In my experience they connect to spirit energy on a deep level.

A dog might be sick, but mostly acting normal.  They might have subtle side effects of a medication, but everything points to the fact that they are not affected.  A dog psychic will read the energy around the dog to see if it is energy blocked.  I will often suggest making an appointment with the Veterinarian if I read this on an animal. 

On the flip side of all this I do get the occasional dog that is actually having behavioral problems that need to be treated with dog training.  Most of the time the reverse happens where a dog will have been to the Vet and been to training and is still at a behavioral deficit.  But at times I will see a dog that has been brought to me first and this is where I bring dog training and energy training skills to the table.  

At the other end of the spectrum I work with animals that are crossing over the rainbow bridge or have crossed over.  This is another place where the messages of spirit lives.  I am forever surprised at the power of these situations.

I have worked with dogs, cats, horses, cows, birds, a couple snakes, some mice, and a few ants.  The reason domestic animals are the most popular is because they are locked into the Qi (Chi) of their caretakers which doesn't allow them to be as energetically free as wild animals.

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