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Back by popular training services.  Kirsten is an accomplished dog trainer with 20 years of training dogs (and horses before that).  Her specialty is behavior problems,  in particular reactivity and aggression.

After a break from training for several years to expand and explore other passions (which you will find throughout this website) 2020 brought new insights and skills into view and Kirsten is now offering select training for people with frustrating dogs.

Kirsten is no longer associated with any dog training certification or groups (or social media for that matter).  There comes a time in life when it's appropriate to let all ties go and make your own path. 

If you are searching for methodology or buzz words to see if Kirsten is qualified just know that her learning theory is solid and her goal is to restore the relationship that has been damaged due to frustrating dog behavior. 

If you must have a list it includes CPDT-KA, oodles of seminars on learning theory, ABC mentor trainer, Applied Behavior Analysis, Functional Assessments, clicker training, Canine Good Citizen evaluator, Vet Tech, Pet Sitter, Shelter/Rescue trainer, Kennel Tech, Dog Musher/Handler.

A lot of trainers repackage dog training  theory into the newest thing.  Reinforcement training, Balanced trainer, Natural dog training, Zen training, Relationship training, etc.  It's all learning theory.  One thing we know is true.  The only thing two dog trainers will agree upon is that the third trainer is wrong.

Kirsten has worked with thousands of dogs in a variety of settings.  The thing about dog training is that the theory is the same regardless of breed or situation.  What changes is the approach to solving your unique challenge.  The solution that works for you will not be the same as the solution that works for your brother, coworker, or that guy on social media.

In person sessions are $200 and approximately 1.5 hours.  We cover a lot of material and training to get you back on track towards a peaceful household.  Sessions are at your home or a nearby open space depending on the behavior problem.

You could spend hours on YouTube trying to figure out how to solve the behavior problem you are having. You might even find some helpful tips and tricks, but there are nuances specific to your situation that you wouldn't know to look for.  Do youself a favor and call a professional.

After the initial session we can talk about follow up sessions and/or tele-sessions.  Kirsten will help you figure out what the next best step will be including referrals to appropriate and skilled trainers.

Ask about our Veteran and Wildland Firefighter discounts. My husband is both a Combat Disabled Veteran and a Retired Smokejumper.  

Muzzle training can be part of a successful behavior program because it allows both the human and dog more freedom of choice... but don't just slap on a muzzle and go.  There is a process!  Kirsten can help you assess if muzzle training is the right choice for YOUR situation.

Kirsten does not specialize in any particular breed, but has worked with many breeds with different motivations, behaviors, and personalities. Of course breed specifics can influence behavior. We can't change the breed, but we change and manage the behavior.

Muzzle training in the right situations allows a reactive or aggressive dog the freedom to have a GREAT life.  No more being left at home when everyone else is out having fun!

Kirsten writes dog training articles for Akbash Dog International. The Akbash Dog breed is a Livestock Guardian Dog. Often you will see this breed here in the mountains of Colorado with a herd of sheep.

Are you a new dog trainer looking for a mentor? Someone that can help you evaluate and sharpen your skills? Kirsten has mentored many dog trainers all over the US and internationally.

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