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Kirsten is amazing and spot on

Kirsten has helped our family numerous times and has been spot on every time. We all wish our animals could tell us what's wrong but thankfully there

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What is Energy Healing?


Our thoughts and actions directly affects our health and well being. Everything is energy and that goes out of balance

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More about Kirsten Frisch


Who is Kirsten

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Uniquely Talented

Kirsten is a uniquely talented animal communicator. I have booked many sessions with Kirsten in the past two years and she has been a tremendous help

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Kirsten has helped our farm animals

Kirsten has been a life saver, literally. We have a small farm and animals get sick. I have reached out to Kirsten for guidance on how to help our animals

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What Is Intuition

Intuition is your capacity to sense, receive, and respond to truth at the speed of light and not having to reshape it to fit your world view. That's why intuition brings fear.

-Caroling Myss-

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