What Is Energy Healing?

Energy healing helps us to get unstuck and out of our own way by releasing  energy blockages. Blockages due to trauma, belief systems, fear, resentment and wounds that we nurture either consciously or subconsciously. 

Whenever we encounter a disruption in our lives our body responds through chemical reaction (this happens in animals too).  For small disruptions our body resets our reaction fairly quickly and life continues flowing.  Things like forgetting to take out the trash, being late, or missing a friends' birthday while upsetting, generally don't last energetically. 

Large energy disruptions such as job loss, getting sick or hurt, breakups, and even death of a loved one (including pets!) have a much greater and longer impact on our energy body.  When we don't heal from these traumas they become stuck patterns.  Over time, stuck patterns can become self fulfilling prophecies.

Each of us has energy patterns that flow through us. When we feel stressed a certain energy flows. When we are joyful another energy flows. When we are fearful it’s yet a different pattern.  Within each of these patterns there’s a light and a dark. The light is the easy side. It protects us from making stupid decisions.

The shadow is the one that blindsides us making us unable to perceive truth. This is when we start talking bad about other people or start telling ourselves lies to help sooth our brokenness and lack of confidence. The lies we tell ourselves and others start seeping into our bodies making us ill.  These lies become thick and sticky energy.  This is what Kirsten works on. 

When Kirsten asks questions that seem difficult or uncomfortable she is making your blind spots visible.

I don’t ask this to make you wrong. I ask it because that is literally The Work. - Kirsten Frisch

The more you start to do the work, the less you will be worried about what other people think.  You will no longer feel a need to explain yourself or to try and fit in by saying yes to everything.  As trauma energy resolves, joy shows up.

Once you realize the power you hold within you, you will be less inclined to seek power in things, gossip, or validation from others.  Healing starts within us and we all need a little help and guidance. 

Through doing this work, change will happen which is our biggest fear. We try to control the speed of change by staying wounded, by staying stuck. Enlightenment is not about how to get rid of pain as much as it is about being your true self.  A stronger version of yourself that can find joy even in hard times.  

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