Does Clean Eating Affect Intuition?

How does eating affect intuition?  Does your diet matter?  The cleaner the better, right?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Let's start with a fact.  Malnutrition, famine, and hunger is the leading cause of death and illness world wide.  If what you eat determines how good your intuition is then it isn't even available to an enormous chunk of the world population.  Truth is only available to those with the means to be healthy?  That doesn't sound right to me.

Let's break this apart.  Intuition is truth.  When you are imbalanced your intuition sends you messages about the imbalance.  Your intuition is not telling you to eat clean. If hunger is at the forefront of your daily struggle then getting food (any food) is going to be at the forefront of your daily activity.  And if your intuition tells you to seek out a certain area where there's food that is your truth for the day.  No one can take that away from you.

Eat clean.  There's a lot of sugar in that.  We don't eat meat.  We don't eat gluten.  We don't eat bread.  We eat paleo.  we do keto. We don't do fat.  We don't do carbs.  We don't do caffeine.  We drink tea.  We do intermittent fasting.  

That's a lot of shaming around food, and that has nothing to do with intuition.  Here's what intuition might look like around food.  If you are fighting an illness and whenever you eat bread you feel crappy...that's intuition saying don't eat bread. Not eating bread is part of your truth and the imbalance of your disease.  If you're diabetic and you know you haven't been watching what you eat and you continue to eat with your eyes closed you are going to get sicker.

Diets (I'm using the word diet here to describe a way of eating) can be addictions.  If you find yourself eating clean and punishing yourself for anything that is not in the limited range of allowable foods you are in a head game about food and your intuition isn't going to get any clearer if you restrict.  Instead you are feeding an addiction or an illness.  Your intuition is probably telling you to balance things out, but your mind says Don't listen to that silly old intuition, she doesn't care if you get fat and unhealthy! Except that intuition isn't only for healthy people.  It's for everyone.  It's your truth.

What you are looking for in your quest for clean eating or for following a particular diet is control.  Control is not truth.  If something in your life feels out of control and you control what you put in your mouth than you have (false) control over that thing.  Intuition is always pushing you towards balance.  It's that little whisper that comes from your heart.  It's not the nagging voice in your head (that voice is a liar by the way). 

I have always been a  very sensitive person.  I also felt like I learned every lesson the hard way.  When I was in my teens and twenties I found myself overwhelmed with the information around factory farming, slaughter houses, climate change, war, and homeless news.  I became a vegetarian at sixteen and stayed on that track for twenty years.  It felt like the only thing I could do to contribute and help control my overwhelming feelings of having no power around these huge issues.

I became really good at shaming other people for the way they ate, and how they lived if their view didn't match mine .  What I was really fighting was my anxiety of a big world.  It was a passive aggressive move.  It went way beyond the food I put in my mouth.  It was the clothes I wore, the skincare I bought, the packaging, the environment, and politics I read.  Back then my intuition was telling me I was not in balance.  That I was trying to control too many things. I didn't have to save the world.  That the most important thing was not to abandon myself. That I was trying to control too many things, but I was too caught up in my righteousness to hear it.

If eating a certain way makes you feel balanced then do it.  If your head punishes you for what you put in your mouth then you know it's not intuition (truth) sending you the message.  Intuition is going to send you reminders about how your body feels when you eat too many sweets, have too much caffeine, or drink too much alcohol.

The truth you are seeking doesn't care about the myth you are living.  The myth says it'll be okay.  It's not that bad.  The myth will gaslight you into believing there isn't a problem.  It's called being on the battlefield.  In order to trust your intuition you have to listen to the difficult information that you are receiving.  It's not going to give you the answers you want.  It's going to give you truth.

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