What Does Your Intuition Say?

What does your energy say about you?  A lot, actually.  The really cool thing about energy is that it doesn't lie.  What does lie is your brain.  You know that little voice inside your head?  That is NOT intuition.  Nope, sorry.  That little voice in your head is your critic and your critic is a well trained liar.   So well trained you don't know it's lying.  

And that's the problem.  When that internal critic starts talking it gets in the way of intuition.  Intuition does not come from your brain.  It was not passed down from Grandma.  It comes straight into your heart bypassing the critic.  Of course intuition can be part of a family trait.  If you were lucky enough to have a family that nurtured intuition.  Most of us weren't that lucky.

The good news?  Intuition can be taught.  

The bad news?  It can be a tough road to follow.

You've probably heard the saying "If it feels good do it."  I'm here to tell you if it feels good it could very well be an old pattern that feels normal, but isn't at all safe.  And definitely not intuition.

I can teach you how to trust your intuition.  First I do a reading on your energy.  Then I answer any questions you might have.  I find a lot of times clients find me because they are going through a big life change and they want to know how it all turns out.

What clients end up learning is that the big question they came to me with ends up not being as important as they thought.  As we dive deeper into their authentic self the real questions come out.  The ones larger and more satisfying than the original.

I don't want to negate the fact that I have a talent in the field of energy and intuition, but my talent is no different from that of an athlete, teacher, or florist.  It takes practice, dedication, and continuing education to stay in the game.

If you want to journey down this road and learn to trust your gut (the real one, not the critic) contact me and lets get started.

Intuitive Sessions are remote.  We can talk on the phone or Telegram (it's like WhatsApp).

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